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Dr. Buttler
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Welcome to Northwest Natural Medicine

Northwest Natural Medicine is a naturopathic health clinic located in Milwaukie, Oregon. The focus of our clinic is to provide the highest quality of naturopathic health care possible. Dr.Buttler specializes in identifying and treating the underlying cause of your health concerns through a specific system of medicine that he has created over the past 7 years in private practice. What makes this system of medicine so unique is the combination of addressing both the physical and emotional causes of disease. The education process that takes place within the doctor patient relationship is the foundation on how your healing will take place.

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Dr Buttler's weekly thought- anxiety is in the future, depression is in the past, peace is in the present. Ease the suffering in your life by staying in the present. Try and inquire about why you choose to believe the thoughts you do. Do these thoughts bring peace into your life? Do they bring stress into your life? You have the power to be at peace and reduce your suffering.

“In Nature’s struggle against disease the physician is but the helper, who furnishes Nature with tools, the apothecary is but the carpenter who builds them. The role of the physician is, therefore, to give Nature what she needs for the struggle. Nature is the physician.”